StarBase Indy 2018 Official Masquerade Rules

General Rules

  1. Cosplayers must be registered for the convention to enter the SBI Masquerade.

  2. Cosplayers must have a costume to participate in the SBI Masquerade. Cosplayers may not enter more than one costume. This includes group cosplays.

  3. To participate in the SBI Masquerade, cosplayers must submit a completed cosplay registration form either online prior to the convention, or at the Cosplay registration desk during the convention, and receive an entry number. If pre-registering online, you will receive a confirmation email within 7 days, and you will need to check in at the cosplay registration desk to confirm your entry number.
  4. Cosplayers may enter in only Craftsmanship or Presentation. They may not enter in both parts of the competition. Presentation cosplayers who wish to have a detailed critique of their costume may request this, but it will have no effect on their overall score.
  5. If a cosplayer has entered AND WON (except for fans choice type awards) a costume, then the costume is disqualified for winning any type of award. They may still participate by showing off their work.
  6. If it is found later that a cosplayer has lied about the status of a costume, the cosplayer will be banned from all future cosplay events with Star Base Indy for a period of 3 years. They will be stripped of the winning title, all photos of them will be removed, and the runner up will be named winner.
  7. Lying about a costume in any capacity will disqualify a participate from any type of award.
  8. Cosplayers are only eligible to win one award per SBI Masquerade with the exception of the Fans Choice award.
  9. Up to 2 handlers are allowed per contestant. This excludes helpers for mobility or physical impairment.
  10. With the exception of guide animals/support animals, no live, stuffed, dead or decaying animals will be permitted.
  11. Once registered for the SBI Masquerade, cosplayers must arrive on time to their judging appointment. If you are going to be late, EMAIL the cosplay head. We will make time for you at the END of prejudging.
  12. If you need to switch times, let us know as soon as possible. We WILL make every possible attempt to accommodate you. Please understand that there is no promise that we can switch times.
  13. We understand that emergencies happen, so there will be a 30-minute block at the end of scheduled judging for those who miss their appointment. If you do not make your pre-judge time, OR make it to the last time block, you will not be judged on craftsmanship.

Prohibited Items/Behaviors

  1. The following is not allowed during your time during the SBI Masquerade:
    • Sexually suggestive or proactive language, movement, dance, performance, or pantomiming of a sexual act.
    • Overly political speeches, signs, etc.
    • Hate speech of ANY kind.
    • Discrimination (signs, speeches, dances, music, etc.)
    • Fire of ANY type. (grinder, sparklers, fire hoops, etc.…)
    • No aerial acrobatics/arts (silks, hoop, pole…)
    • Offensive language (no cursing in Klingon either! We will know!)
    • No jumping off the stage
    • No wheeled costumes (except for mobility devices)
    • Costumes MUST have at the very least, nipple and areola coverings (this applies to all humans, regardless of gender), the gluteal cleft must ALSO be covered (i.e. your butt crack!) All genitals MUST be covered.
    • It is HIGHLY advised for participates who have protruding genitals to wear a “dance belt” when wearing tight costumes. It is also highly recommended for those with tight costumes (who have non-protruding genitals) to wear a gusset/shapeware/dance tights to prevent accidental slipping/ wrinkling in the crotch areas of their costume.
    • Skin tone pasties will be available from the judging staff if needed.
    • If bare feet are needed, ONLY be bare during your time on stage. Shoes are mandatory at all other times.


  1. Group entries are limited to a maximum of ten (10) people.
  2. NO LIVE STEEL on stage or as part of your costume. Anything that could be mistaken for a realistic weapon must be cleared by Security before entering the contest.
  3. Do not throw anything off the stage or leave anything on the stage when you exit. Violations of this rule may result in loss of points from the cosplayer(s)’ overall score or disqualification from the Masquerade. Disqualifications will be made at the discretion of the Cosplay Department Head.
  4. Presentation entries must attend mandatory run through. During this rehearsal, we will see what each group will be doing on stage.
  5. This category will allow commissioned cosplays. The creator MUST be named for you to be eligible for any type of award.
  6. Each presentation will allow up to 2 minutes on stage.
  7. Presentation categories will be as follows:
    • Novice – have won 0-1 awards per person at any convention.
    • Journeyman – have won 2 awards per person at any convention.
    • Advanced – have won 3 or more awards at any convention.

Children’s Competition

1.      Entrants 14 years and younger will be allowed to enter the Children’s Competition.

2.      Presentation rules will apply for this competition.

3.      If a child wishes to have their costume entered for pre-judging, a parent or guardian MUST be present. No exceptions.

4.      Participates who are pregnant may enter in the Adult Presentation contest.

5.      Judging categories will be as follows:

o   0-7

o   7-14


  1. Cosplayers must have made or modified at least 50% of their costume to be eligible for Craftsmanship judging, with the exception of entrants in the Found Object category (see below).
  2. Found Object or “Closet Cosplay” is a costume made with found objects and few modifications. (such as adding paint, embellishments, etc.…) This does NOT include costumes that were commissioned. See Rule #7 for clarification on commissioned cosplays.
  3. Craftsmanship entries must bring full-body reference images of the source character to their judging appointment. If the character is a variant, cosplayer must bring a full body reference in addition to the source image.
  4. A group may enter Craftsmanship provided that at least one member of the group made all of the costumes that are being worn. Group entries may not include more than 10 people.
  5. Cosplayers entering Craftsmanship are required to participate in the Masquerade.
  6. Contestants who purchase or commission a costume from a website, store, or other outside source may exhibit their costume but will not be eligible to win an award
  7. If you are modeling a costumer for a creator, AND the creator is present, then you may enter the contest. Note, the creator will be the named winner (and receive prizes) if the costume is chosen. 
  8. Cosplayers who choose to enter with an originally designed costume will be eligible to win Judge’s Choice and Fans’ Choice awards, but not division awards. (See “Awards,” item 1.)
  9. Craftsmanship categories will be as follows:
    • Found Object – Pieces of regular clothing you have put together to make your costume, with few modifications.
    • Novice – All group members have won 0-1 awards at any convention.
    • Journeyman – At least one group member has won 2 awards in masquerade competitions at any convention.
    • Advanced – At least one group member has won 3 or more awards at a masquerade competition at any convention.


  1. Awards will be presented to cosplayers with the highest score for each of the following divisions:
    • Presentation – Novice
    • Presentation – Journeyman
    • Presentation – Advanced
    • Presentation – Children’s 0-7
    • Presentation - Children’s 7-14
    • Craftsmanship – Found Object/Closet
    • Craftsmanship – Novice
    • Craftsmanship – Journeyman
    • Craftsmanship – Advance
  2. Additional awards presented to contestants, regardless of whether the contestant entered in Craftsmanship or Presentations are as follows:
    • Best in Show- This is awarded to the best overall entry in the Masquerade. It will be awarded to an individual or a group in either the Presentation or Craftsmanship category based on who has the overall highest score.
    • Judge’s Choice – A certificate given to an individual or a group from a judge that can be won for any reason (ex: great wig, that particular judge’s favorite anime series, individual is very in character).
    • Fans’ Choice – A certificate that is chosen by the audience through social media. This is the only award that can be won by a contestant who has already won another award.
  3. Cosplayers who feel that their skills merit participation in a higher division may enter in a higher division. (For example, a professional seamstress that has never entered a Masquerade before may compete in the Advanced division even without an award history.)
  4. The Cosplay Department Head has the right at any time during the masquerade to move individual or group entries to a different skill division with or without informing the participant(s)

SBI General Cosplay Rules for Attendees

The following is not allowed during your time at Star Base Indy

o   At a minimum, areola and nipple MUST be covered. This applies to all genders. It is advised to wear a minimum of a bikini styled top for individuals who have breasts.

o   Zero nudity will be allowed.

o   At a minimum, your gluteal cleft will not be exposed (your butt crack). It is advised that you wear dance tights in costumes that may expose your buttocks.

o   Those with protruding genitals should wear a dance belt, or similar undergarment.

o   Those with non-protruding genitals should wear bottoms with a gusset, shape wear and dance tights.

o   Some time of foot covering will be worn. Stocking feet are not advised but allowed.

o   If you need to remove shoes for a photo session, you may do so. However, once complete, feet coverings must be put back on.

o   No shedding. If your costumes sheds (feathers, glitter, etc..) you may be asked by SBI staff to change or take off the shedding costume parts.

o   Wings and large props MUST be in the stored position when walking the hallways/dealer’s hall/artist alley. You may expend them during photoshoots, or on stage.

o   ZERO REAL WEAPONS. Only active duty military personnel on orders, and Law Enforcement on duty may carry real weapons. Those found in violation will be removed from the premise. 

o   Costumes that mimic Law Enforcement and Military must not be exact replicas. It is a crime to impersonate either.

o   ALL costume weapons MUST be inspected by staff. They will be discreetly tagged showing they are safe for con. Cosplayers found with non-tagged weapons will be asked to get the prop inspected or store the prop in their hotel/car. Those who chose to not comply, will be asked to leave.

o   No glitter.

o   All body paint MUST be sealed.

o   NO MEANS NO. If a cosplayer does not want to interact with you, then leave them be. This includes touching their cosplay and props.

o   Sexy cosplay DOES NOT you can touch.

o   Ask all attendees if you may take their photo. Every attendee has a right to privacy.

o   With the exception of guide animals/support animals, no live, dead, decaying or stuffed (taxidermy) animals are allowed. Real bones that have been sanitized may be used.