Starbase Indy happens over two of the biggest shopping days of the year; Black Friday and Small Business Saturday. Our attendees look forward to the shopping experience of Starbase Indy as a time and place to get the stuff they want for the holidays - or just for themselves.

Rather than just an afterthought, we’re making the vendor room a highlight of the convention, with a well-curated mix of unique geeky and gift vendors to fill our space. We’re advertising the vendor room more broadly, and offering “Shopping Badges” for people who want to come in just to shop at Starbase Indy. We’re also promoting free Sunday badges for families who are looking for something unique and interesting to do before going back to work and school after Thanksgiving break.

Vendor Hours:
November 23, from 1:00 pm - 8:00 pm
November 24, from 10:00 am - 6:00 pm
November 25, from 10:00 am - 3:00 pm

Geeky sewn and crochet items for the whole family; including scarves, burp cloths, and plushies. My products come out of motherhood with a passion for all things geeky, nerdy, and science filled. My crocheting is done in the evenings, during nap times, or while waiting at activities. I sew upstairs right next to the playroom allowing me to multitask working and playing. My goal is to bring a little bit of the geeky into your everyday life.

A collection of jewelry, steampunk creations, wire trees and terrariums by Lacy Renee Allen.

All of these are of my own handiwork. I never make two pieces exactly alike, and every piece is crafted by my own two hands. All feathers used come from my family's fee-range poultry flock or from my pet parrots during the molting season. No birds are ever harmed in the gathering of feathers.

Hand crafted jewelery and crochet items. We also carry a few carefully selected items from wholesalers, and custom items.

Katrina Joyner is a Florida born artist. Her favorite topic is fantasy, but sometimes she will have what she calls a "root moment" in which she will express her Native American (Brotherton tribe) ancestry. She runs the (very) small publishing house, The Writers of the Apocalypse, while dabbling in acting in film, on stage, and of course voice acting. She also can be caught playing the autoharp in the messhall here at Starbase Indy - but because she only knows 4 songs if you ask her to fake it she probably can't.

Troy Maynard is a giant viking, foodie, geeky gamer, father of three, and master of none. Between taking frequent pictures of meals and occasional pillaging (alleged), he writes his thoughts on life from his Mead Hall in the rolling hills of southern Indiana. Ransacking passing ships doesn't pay the bills, so he also works in the software industry, where he gets to use his tantrum-management skills on a daily basis. You can read more of his stories and thoughts on parenting at his blog, and in his book, How to Raise Viking Children and Other Tales of Woe. He also has a recurring column called “My Dad Voice” at Limestone Post Magazine.

Our mission is to sell geeky things to geeks without costing an arm and a leg. We geeks pay enough for our toys as is, so we are offering our customers a quality product at a reasonable price. We sell geeky fun jewelry, posters, vintage trading cards, vintage games, magnets...pretty much anything that appeals to the child in all of us.

Pickard Enterprises.jpg

Pickard Enterprises

Mostly Star Trek Collectibles, Action Figures, Star Trek Hallmark Ornaments, Signed pictures and many items that have the word "Star Trek" on them.

Capt. Kathy's Collectibles.jpg

Capt. Kathy's Collectibles

A personal collection of Star Trek collectibles - pins, patches, and miscellaneous items.

If you're looking for awesome treats for your favorite pooch, you have come to the right place! Our treats are made fresh to order, vacuum sealed, and shipped Priority Mail. We also have some cool handmade accessories including charms, toys, pillows, wine glass charms, poo bag holders, and Mia Slings

Once upon a time, there were two sisters. They spent a lot of time together. They made things. They made lots of things. They made so many things that they had to start selling them.

Through a chance encounter with new friends and a burst of enthusiasm on both sides, they decided to sell their things at comic book conventions.

They've never looked back.

Everybody has their favorite characters from television, movies and literature. From Captain Kirk to Lady Mary Crawley, just tell me who you like and I'll create a custom portrait for you.

Celtic, Viking, Classical, & Medieval Gifts, Accessories, & Reenactment Clothing

La Wren’s Nest is a family-owned business, originally based in Maine. Our company began in 1997 making custom wool cloaks. All of our circlets, cloaks, and historical clothing are custom-made. Other items have been hand-chosen for their unique craftsmanship and high quality. Our specialty is custom-made early clothing.

Platyfly Studios specializes in affordable handmade goods for the whimsical and mischievous. Mythpunks, cosplayers, reenactors, Pagans, and other fans of fantastical or quirky styles will find just what they are looking for. This store is also an ideal place for the gender nonconforming/nonbinary and transgender communities, whose members often have difficulty finding quality off-the-rack clothing that fits properly.

A lifelong book nerd, now a professional book nerd, Meg's driving force is to enrich the lives of children and adults alike through the educational and inspirational books available from Usborne Books & More.

Trek, comics, books, magazines, model kits, toys

We are a couple of geeky women who specialize in making practical geekery for all ages. From jewelry, to plush toys, to art and custom figurines, we have a bit of something for everyone, all with a geeky flair.

Black Diamond Arsenal is a cosplay prop workshop. We have worked on the occasional movie, fan film, & even work with companies for trade show display pieces.

Our Goal is to bring your cosplay dreams come true.

ZestyQuest sells various perler creations as well as interesting and exciting prints, both from popular media and original ideas!

Jon R. Osborne is an Indianapolis author who writes science fiction and fantasy. His novel “A Tempered Warrior” was a finalist for Best Fantasy Novel in the 2018 Dragon Awards. Learn more at

Adding a splash of color to your life with high quality accessories and art! Ask for commissions!

Mogchelle is an internationally award winning master cosplayer/costumer from Guam, but is based in Indiana. She is completely self taught, and has been learning and growing since she discovered cosplay in 1999. Since then, she has been invited as a cosplay guest to conventions internationally, and has spoken on seminars and hosted and even pioneered hands on workshops for many large conventions such as Gencon. Mogchelle’s current favorite thing is to help others get over their fear of trying to make something, and to do just do it! Her knowledge on making goes beyond sewing, but thermoplastics, special-fx, sculpting, wig design, molding and casting and more. She is also an advocate for body positivity, equality, and over all positive vibes and acceptance in the cosplay and convention community!

Pied Piper chocolates is the home of the cake filled chocolate mice as well as other confections that range from the spooky to Sci-fi. In business since 2015 and constantly expanding the variety of designs and flavors available.

Light an Epic Adventure Candle to set the scene for an RPG tabletop game or to enjoy with your favorite epic novel. With real wood wicks that crackle like a hearth, unique hand-blended scents, and fantasy artwork, our candles provide the ultimate immersive experience for fans of the Fantasy, Sci-Fi, RPG, & Horror genres.

Epic Adventure Candles have been featured on Huffington Post's Top 19 Gifts for Harry Potter Fans as well as other gaming & book blogs and podcasts, in fantasy subscription boxes, and are now carried in select stores.