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Sandy gimpel - aka the salt vampire

Sandy Gimpel is a Starbase Indy favorite. She is an actress, dancer, stunt woman, and stunt coordinator. She was the first woman to have achieved the status of stunt coordinator, second unit DGA director. It all began in 1967 when she went to an audition as a stand in for Billy Mumy on the TV series Lost in Space. She was asked if she would like to stunt double the actor.

  • In Star Trek: The Original Series, Sandy appeared in both the aired and unaired pilots. She played The Salt Vampire in The Man Trap, and a Talosian in The Cage. 
  • That wasn't the end of her time with Star Trek, as she appeared as an extra in a number of other episodes. 
  • As the first woman to achieve the status of Stunt Coordinator, she coordinated many movies including the fan favorite Goonies.
  • Her stories of more than 50 years in the business are unparalleled. You've seen her in more movies than you realize, and you definitely don't want to miss her backstage stories from them!

Dr. erin macdonald - tattooed gravity queen

Dr. Macdonald has a PhD in astrophysics. Her postdoctoral research was with the LIGO Scientific Collaboration, looking for gravitational waves from neutron stars and gamma-ray bursts. She currently works as a technical consultant for both the engineering and entertainment industry. 

  • She works as a consultant and educator, merging science fiction and STEM.  
  • Her YouTube series: Dr. Erin Explains the Universe explains science phenomena using pop culture references.
  • As part of her passion for educating the public about space science and throughout the year she can be found speaking at Sci-fi conventions across the country.
  • We're looking forward to her upcoming book on Space Time.
  • She is a tattooed sci-fi geek, a self-appointed member of Slytherin House and a graduate of Starfleet Academy. 
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