Starbase Indy is back on for 2018!

When news of the cancellation hit, people came out of the woodwork to help. They showed up and said “what can *I* do to keep my geek family Thanksgiving tradition going?” They did what science fiction fans are famous for, showing up and refusing to accept news of a cancellation. And it worked.

Thanks to the groundwork that had already been laid before the cancellation and the with some help from the hotel, we are scheduled to have the event over our traditional Thanksgiving weekend (November 23-25), 2018.

We aren’t ready to announce any major guests yet, but here’s what we do know. We will have robots and virtual reality and hands-on workshops where people can experience some of the cool things that are true about the universe we inhabit. We will have some returning speakers and many new ones, continuing our trend from last year where we have almost all new programming for you. We will have media guests from some of your favorite shows (and we’ll let you know specifics as soon as we get them finalized.)

If you are excited to know that Starbase Indy is coming back, here are some of the ways you can help.

1. Share this post! A lot of people saw the cancellation – we need all of those people and even more to see that we’re back.

2. Buy your ticket! The more tickets we sell, the more money we have and the more cool people and activities we can bring to the event. Early ticket sales help us bring in more and bigger guests – so buy your ticket TODAY

3. Help us raise money! We’re a 501(c)(3) now, with a mission of Celebrating Star Trek’s vision of the future – and trying to make it a reality. If that inspires you, consider giving us money. If you work for a company that supports STEM education or humanitarian education efforts in our community, connect us so we can talk about sponsorships. Our website has a form you can fill out to get in touch for this.

4. Pick The Starbase as your Amazon Smile charity.

5. If you’re going to Indy PopCon, buy your ticket through this link and they’ll give Starbase Indy 10% of the proceeds from your ticket. 

6. Tell your friends about us. We’ve got a lot of work to do, but we’ve got a team who’s committed to putting together a great show for you this year and creating a sustainable event that will be here for the next 30 years. It’s our community that makes us special, and YOU are a part of that community. Bring all your favorite friends to join us, too.


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