Could you use a Consultation with a Xenocosmetologist?

Moxie Anne Magnus, entertainer extraordinaire, mediocre comic and even mediocre-er ukulelist, would be delighted to dine with you at Starbase Indy. But who is Moxie Anne Magnus? She is indeed a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma, laced up in a girdle, topped with two feet of hair and set on a pedestal of size 12, Starfleet-regulation, black, chunky-heel, platform boots! As the Chief Cosmetologist on the USS Enterprise of the twenty-third century, She keeps the crew's dos in tip-top shape. But what more do we know about this magnificent creature who has often been called "the petite bird of the galaxy"?

When we started asking Star Badge holders who they wanted to sit with, we got this back: "My choice of table is 100% Moxie Magnus. Last year was my first Starbase and Moxie's performance really lifted my spirits. Given the choice, I couldn't imagine dining with anyone else." If you're interested in having the personal Moxie experience yourself, have dinner at her table this year.


Heather Cottingham