Dinner Tickets Available NOW


Dinner with the Stars is a favorite of many of our returning attendees. You get the rare chance to sit with a celebrity guest and have a great conversation. The buffet-style dinner offers delicious choices that are suited for a variety of dietary needs and preferences. And we have a special surprise planned! I know we tell you every year that it's something you won't want to miss, so it's not exactly a new thing for us to say. But, in our defense, we haven’t been wrong when we've said it in the past, have we?

Tickets go on sale today at noon for the people who haven't already bought a Star Badge.

People who did already buy a Star Badge have already told us who they want to sit with at Dinner with the Stars, so one table is already entirely sold out and several more have only a few tickets left. We expect to have as many as half the tables sold out pretty much the first day. That's the bad news. The GOOD news is that ALL of our celebrity guests are great, so we don't think you can really go wrong.

To buy tickets, go to our store and pick your Dinner with the Stars table. The tickets are still the same $80 they've been the last several years.