Kids, Students, and Our Favorite Starbase

Successful transmission last week from Starbase Indy to our good friends at Starbase Indiana. Tuesday we delivered special Sunday-Only passes to the graduatess and their families of the Starbase Indiana STEM education program.

STARBASE Indiana is an educational program, sponsored by the Department of Defense. At STARBASE Indiana students participate in challenging "hands-on, minds-on" activities in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM). Students interact with STEM professionals to explore careers and observe STEM applications in the real world. The program encourages students to set goals and achieve them. The course is free and offered to either fifth grade school groups or groups of homeschool kids, all they have to do is get there and bring a lunch. Check out their website for more information:

Supporting Starbase Indiana is a big part of our deeper dedication to the wider view of Gene Roddenbery and the Star Trek universe.. which isn’t possible without a robust familiarity and interest in the STEM fields. We are proud to support the work they do however we can and, for now, that’s helping to continuing the conversation that Starbase Indiana started by bringing the families in for a fun Science filled event.

Speaking of families and a Science filled event, We are preparing for the appearance of more families with more activity based, hands-on things to do throughout the weekend:

·         We are adding a Star Trek themed puzzle room; The Kobayashi Ma-Room 

·         We are trying to bring in a robot attraction

·         We are looking for someone to come in and teach CAD design for 3D printing

·         We are working on getting a bank of Trek/ Space/ Science related video games 

·         We are working on some evening activity programming similar to playing Two-Rooms and a Boom or Werewolf to give young people something to do other than roam and be bored

·         We are intending to bring back the Lightsaber Academy to teach classes

·         The Spaceship Bridge Simulator will be back

·         We will have a Gorn Santa photo opportunity all weekend so you can get fun Star-Trek’y holiday pictures taken early

Thinking about who that student is and what could be done to accommodate a person independent enough to do things alone but not independent enough that they may be brought to a convention that isn't their cup of tea:

·         We have added the, "Tables" in addition to the traditional Panels so that a person can arrange to talk about or have an activity that is specifically interesting to them. This would hopefully allow a teen to propose a conversation, and find other people to talk to about it, whatever it is that is cool to them atm without any lame old people dictating it to them (or guessing)

·         We lowered the pricing for people 13 - 20, to recognize that they aren't going to enjoy being there as much as an adult

·         We are working with Universities and other agencies that do things specifically for youths to get them to bring in additional programming for younger people.. since they are the experts and we are not

·         We are trying to formalize a volunteer opportunity for students as many of them need to accumulate, "Public Service" hours throughout the year for various reasons

Then for children, students, and families we are making Sunday specifically a Family Day

·         We are theming Sunday a Star Wars day as the <20 demographic identify more with Star Wars than Star Trek (nothing to be done about it, it's just that way)

·         Creating a Mid-way like Science activity room full of hands on things to do

·         Putting together a Cos-Play activity for children under 13

·         We are hoping to bring in Storm Troopers to appear that day

·         We are bringing in Kyle Hill, YouTube personality who discusses Science and Popular Culture, that would be more interesting to a younger crowd for Sunday

Heather Cottingham