Find your people at SBI!

Panels and Tables

Taking a cue from gaming conventions, the opportunity to host a Panel or a Table are now open to all attendees! What does that mean?

There is now a way to reserve space and time for groups of any size (2 – 60), for any type of activity, and then advertise it to attendees so that you can draw people in to join you.

·        If you like games: You finally have the ability to reserve a space and time to play epic games like, “Federation and Empire”, “Twilight Imperium”, “DUNE”, a “Star Trek” RPG, a Dr. Who LARP, or break out your “Starship Troopers” minis. Whatever you want to play we can give you the space and help you connect with people to join you!

·        If you are an author: You can advertise to all con attendees where and when you will be available to do a reading and discuss your work

·        Clubs: Make an arrangement to meet for breakfast, lunch, tea, or dinner! Have a meeting! Let the other attendees know about your group so that they can join you for a bag of Oreos and a brief introduction to what your group is all about

·        Any person or persons who like a thing or things: All fair game! Do you really love to knit, or collect stamps, or cos-play, or boffer larp, or play Overwatch, or tell puns? Come find your people!!

How this will work:

Ø  Complete the online form describing your idea:

Ø  A schedule of events will be created and published at the end of August

Ø  All registered SBI attendees will be able to pre-register for the available events and express their interest throughout September

Ø  All events that have the minimum number of people pre-registered as of October (as defined by the table or panel host) will be published in the program guides and promoted

Heather Cottingham