Get The Latest Information

Excited about Starbase Indy starting tomorrow? So are we!

If you want to spend some of your food coma time deciding which parts of the con you want to make EXTRA SURE to hit, check out our online pocket schedule at (Isn't that a convenient address? Tell all the people!)

With this schedule, you can not only see the most recent information but any changes and cancellations will be highlighted for your convenience. You can also use the "My Con" Feature to build your own custom schedule of the things you want to see the most. 

Check our our new online pocket schedule! Find things to do by time, room, or presenter and store your preferred schedule on the My Con app. You can also find a hotel map and hours for various ongoing con functions like the dealer's room and registration on the info tab.If you follow the directions on the Info tab to add it to your phone's home screen, it will run without access to the internet, too.

We aren't saying it will be easy - our schedule is full of hard choices this year - but it is a great way to leverage technology to help you with those choices! 

See you on the Starbase!

Lisa Meece