Bring Your Budding Scientist...

Kids are naturally curious about the world around them. So are we.

So we recruited a bunch of NEW presenters this year - experts in interesting things who are bringing those interesting things to the convention and sharing them with all of us.Kyle Hill will be sharing the type of information he shares on his popular Nerdest YouTube program Because Science!

We've got a bunch of lego robots coming - so you (or your kids) can take a turn at programming them and seeing if they do what you expect. We've got a Virtual Reality setup...and a weather center...and edible entymology (yes, we DO mean eating bugs.) and information on engineering SciFiSpace ships (presented by someone who designs actual space ships at her day job). And we have battling robots know what? You should maybe just go look at our schedule online

Because it's full of fun stuff...come join us Thanksgiving weekend and see for yourself.


Lisa Meece