Geek Shopping

Thanksgiving dinner is over -- it's time to start thinking about your holiday shopping. Where will you go?

The mall? What is this, 2001? Do you really want to fight the crowds just to buy the same mass-produced stuff everybody else can find? Or are you looking for something different? Unique? Maybe created by a local crafts person or business owner? Maybe something you can't find in just any store? Maybe something geeky for your loved ones (or yourself)?

Have we got a deal for you! Our vendor room is triple the size of last year -- and you can come shop for free! Just go to our store and pick up a $5 "Geeky Shopping" badge, and then apply coupon code GORNSANTA for $5 off at checkout.

Of course, you might want to come for more than just the vendor room. We have some amazing presentations this year, on everything from how Star Trek influenced the practice of medicine to how to brew beer. We have people who are working on the new Star Trek: Discovery show -- and some who have acted in Star Trek: The Next Generation -- which is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year.

Learn more on our website, and join us for a weekend of shopping -- or maybe more!

Heather Cottingham