Casting Call for the Starbase!

Sign up for a character and show up in costume to play out your part in a Star Trek the Original Series LARP!

"Flies in Amber” is a Cthulhu Live! / Star Trek crossover LARP set in the 23rd century. This is the Original Series timeline. Players will take up the roles of miners, members of the crew of The Archimedes, and loyal servants of the Klingon Empire. There are several alien races to choose from and costumes are encouraged. Character are pre-assigned. For character info and assignment please contact

In a spirit of cooperation, the Federation and the Klingon Empire have come to an agreement to share resources along the Neutral Zone. One of these places is a small class M planet simply known as NZ0002. The planet is rich in dilithium ore. While excavating a rich vein, a Federation mining company found something buried in a rock face. This object of unknown origin was reported to Starfleet. The Federation has dispatched an Oberth Class Science Vessel, The USS Archimedes to investigate. Not to be outdone, the Klingon Empire has also sent out a "science" vessel, the IKS Vulture, to make sure any information gleaned from this strange object is shared.

All rules, mechanics and details will be taught before game. For any questions, feel free to contact directly at the e-mail above. Character questionnaires will be sent out shortly after we receive your request. After which characters will be sent out.

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Lisa Meece