'uQ SopDI' Marc Okrand DatlhejlaH

If you're like us, you've heard a whole bunch of spoken Klingon pretty recently. Do you have any questions about the language? Well, who better to answer those questions than Marc Okrand, the guy who created the language in the first place!

In addition to Klingon, Okrand crated the Vulcan and Romulan languages. He was hired for this work in part because of his work on the first closed-captioning system for hearing-impaired television viewers. That skill was important because when he was brought in to work on the Star Trek universe, the actors had already recorded dialog in English. Okrand's starting place for the language was turning off the sound and watching the actors lips movements as they spoke their lines in English. From those movements he figured out what other "sounds" would work with those lip movements. 

That's cool enough - but imagine taking that starting point and developing a whole language with coherent rules of grammar and enough words to write an opera! Interested in an extended conversation with the intellect behind it? Have dinner with him and do exactly that.

Heather Cottingham