Cosplay contest rules 

Participants who sign up agree to all of the below rules and regulations of the competition.


    1. Children's Division: 14 and under 

    2. Adult Cosplay Division 15 and up 

    3. Presentation/Performance 

  1. Rules 

    1. Children and Adult Division: 

      1. Participants in this category will be judged on stage. 

      2. Participants 14 and under  must have a parent or guardian present in the audience, and children 5 and younger must be accompanied by a parent or guardian on stage. 

      3. Participants are  judged on a 1-10 scale in the following Categories: 

        1. Overall visual effect of costume 

        2. Makeup 

        3. Stage presence 

    2. Presentation 

      1. Participants in this category will compete in Talent competition. 

      2. This can include anything from signing, dance, poetry reading, magic acts, lip syncing, ect...

      3. Each participant will get 3 minutes and 30 seconds stage. 

      4. Those who wish to enter this category need to present any media related to they're presentation to the judges 24 hours prior to the competition to ensure the media works.

      5. Prohibited presentations: 

        1. Any type of material that would oppress or make fun of a less privileged group of people. For example: Jokes about someone’s race or sexual orientation. 

        2. Extremist or terrorist presentations, signs, songs, chants, etc. 

        3. Any material that would receive a PG rating or higher. (No curse words, sexual gestures or dancing, revealing clothing regardless of gender…)

        4. No fire, glitter, liquid, or anything that would make a mess. 

        5. No pole’s, ariel rigs, flow pole, poi and other items that swing.

      6. Each contestant receives 30 seconds to set up. That time ends when they start their performance, OR 30 seconds runs out. 

      7. Each contestant will be judged in the following categories using a 1-10 scale: 

        1. Crowd reaction 

        2. Use of stage

        3. Overall performance and entertainment value. 

    3. Awards

      1. Awards will be given in each of the following Categories 

        1. Children's Division Winner 

        2. Adult Division 

        3. Best Presentation