Children's Programming




Happy Unbirthday Tea Party Is it your unbirthday? It's our unbirthday too! Come and join your fellow Earth humans for snacks and good company. Introduce yourself, play games, and make new friends. All ages.  (Note: People who have an actual birthday on this day, and non-Earth humans also welcome.)Kassandra Mariano - Observation Lounge (Golden Preconvene)


Edible Entymology for Kids Geared toward children, participants will explore the fascinating world of edible entomology, first learning about foods made of or with insects, then having the opportunity to taste several dishes containing insects. Sarah Gillard - Holocenter (FS-C)


Weather Center Learn the basics of predicting, monitoring and recording the weather! We will build devices for you to take home to set up your very own Weather Center and you'll be able to predict the weather just like the pros! Beth Ann Broadhurst - Holocenter (FS-C)



Design Your Own Alien What do you see other life forms looking like? What would they have that we don't? How do they survive on their planet? Create your vision of what you think other beings will look like when we make it to their planet in this craft workshop. Beth Ann Broadhurst - Holocenter (FS-C)



Cookie Mining The mining of our country’s natural resources is not just a simple matter of finding the desired ore and digging it up. Important economic and environmental considerations are involved in any mining venture. These include property costs, mining equipment costs, operational costs, and land reclamation costs. Fines for violations of environmental regulations may also be incurred. If a mining corporation is to make a profit, the value of the recovered ore must be greater than the sum of all of its mining costs plus any environmental fines. In this lab you will create a mining corporation and attempt to run a cookie mining operation that is both profitable and environmentally sound. Sarah Gillard - Holocenter (FS-C)


Women of Science Game Participate in this fun game for all ages of women of science history. Presented by Gal's Guide to the Galaxy, these time travelers of history will present 26 women from various sciences and see how many you knew and what new gals you might never have heard about in school. Kate Chaplin - Astrophysics (FS-D)


Cassini and Saturn The latest discoveries from NASA's Cassini mission to Saturn. Heather Drinkwater - Guinan's Place (Brickyard)

Genius Kits You are stranded on a remote planet and were only able to salvage what is in the Kit you have been given. Do you build a spaceship? Communications device? Signaling devices to find help? Or something to make life on your new home better? Beth Ann Broadhurst -  Holocenter (FS-C)


Teddy Bear Tea Party Teddy Bear Tea is an opportunity for the young and the mature to show off their favorite Trek or other sci-fi themed 'stuffed' friends with others. Meet other collectors, glimpse other creations, make a new friend or two, play a game, maybe win a prize and just social. Admission is free to all con attendees and their 'stuffed' friends. Refreshments are provided, Hosts for 2017 include Starfleet Command members: Rose Ciccarone, and crew of USS Indianapolis NCC 1945-D.Rose Ciccarone - Observation Lounge (Golden Preconvene)



Solution Squad Comics: Putting the M in STEM STEM education is on the rise, and on the cutting edge of STEM comics comes Solution Squad, a team featuring math-themed superheroes. Now there's a full-size graphic novel with lessons and activities for grades 4-8! Join creator and Indiana middle school teacher Jim McClain as he shows you how Solution Squad helps students better understand an abstract subject through comics! There's even a YouTube channel with Solution Squad character puppets! Jim McClain - Holocenter (FS-C)


Edible Entymology for Everyone Participants will explore the fascinating world of edible entomology, first learning about foods made of or with insects, then having the opportunity to taste several dishes contaning insects. Sarah Gillard - Guinan's Place (Brickyard)

Intro to Cosplay for Kids An small history of costuming and modern cosplay followed by dress-up fun. Costumes, wigs, accessories will be provided. It will end with a short trek through the convention halls so everyone can see the costumes the kids have made for themselves. Kassandra Mariano - Holocenter (FS-C)



Super Hero Capes Are you a Super Hero? Villain? In this no-sew craft project you can make a cape that shows the world what your super powers are! Beth Ann Broadhurst - Holocenter (FS-C)


Create a Constellation Learn about some of the easier to spot constellations as viewed from Earth and the legends that were inspired by them... And then, create your very own constellation and legend. Beth Ann Broadhurst - Holocenter (FS-C)



Astronaut Dr. David Wolf Q&A Dr. David Wolf has been to space four times, logging 168 days, 12 hours, 56 minutes and 4 seconds in space. He’s been on seven space walks totaling 41 hours and 17 minutes. Listen to him talk about his experiences. Dr. David Wolf - Main Bridge (GB1-5)

LEGO Robots! This will be a hands-on workshop where students and kids-at-heart can work in teams to design, build, and program a LEGO robot. No previous experience with programming or robotics is necessary! Colin McKinney - Guinan's Place (Brickyard)


10am - 2PM all Student Sunday Attractions open and ongoing


Student Sunday: Build a Tribble  Make your very own Tribble to take home at the Science Carnival! Beth Ann Broadhurst - Guinan's Place (Brickyard)

Student Sunday: LEGO Robots! Part of Student Sunday! This will be a hands-on workshop where kids and kids-at-heart can work in teams to design, build, and program a LEGO robot. No previous experience with programming or robotics is necessary! Colin McKinney - Guinan's Place (Brickyard)

Student Sunday: Adventures with Energy Learn about energy by playing with toys. David Terret - Guinan's Place (Brickyard)

Student Sunday: Catapults! Catapults! Catapults! We will be learning about Siege weapons of the past. Namely catapults. And together we'll make our own! Candi Watkins - Guinan's Place (Brickyard)

Student Sunday: ABO Blood Type! Kids will use models to figure out what type of blood is safe to give different blood types. Matthew Barron - Guinan's Place (Brickyard)

Battle of the Robots On Sunday, 10AM-3PM, March For Science Indy will facilitate FIRST robotics teams to demo their robots at the kid’s carnival. We are aiming to have 2 to 3 robotics teams present  We also have the possibility of having VEX robots (smaller robots people could control) available depending on space. The event will be open to all attendees of all ages. We will be holding a “high score” day long competition where people attempt a timed scoring challenge and their score is posted on a leaderboard. The winner will win a prize at the end of the day! Rufus Cochran - United Federation for Science (GB-6)


Light Saber Academy Training Indiana Light Saber Academy trains padewans young and old(er) to harness the power of the force and defeat their enemies.  Padded sabers and equipment will be provided. We welcome people to bring their own sabers though we will provide for those who do not own one. We will have a round robin open with a latter to Not sure what this is decide the winner, who will receive a Class pass and a shirt. Watching requires an SBI membership; to compete requires a $5 dollar entry fee for insurance on the sabers. Indiana Light Saber Academy - Holocenter (FS-C)


Working at NASA Imagine going to work where other people go for vacation… Imagine watching the result of your collaborative work on display for the whole world…Imagine what a two week orientation at NASA would be like. Imagine no longer, I’ll tell you. Alton Jackson - Astrophysics (FS-D)


Kids Cosplay Parade/ Closing Ceremony (for all ages 13 and under) Let’s close SBI’s first Student Sunday science carnival with a joyful costume parade and photo op! Gather up your geeklings and meet at Guinan’s Place. Dress as your favorite scientist or science fiction character and you will have the opportunity to show off your fancy duds as we parade with music and merriment around the con and up onto the main stage/bridge set for a group picture to commemorate the day’s fun! Prizes for the younglings who participate provided by your friendly Indianapolis cosplay store by Incognito by Aris & Rome. 2PM Guinan’s Place-2:15PM Main Stage



Homesteading a New Planet Attendees will actively participate in the planning stages of homesteading a newly discovered planet that is able to sustain the flora and fauna of life as we know it. Space and weight are limited for our planetary pioneers, and every candidate and pound of cargo must be taken into consideration as the flagship homesteaders prepare for their journey. Participants will each have the opportunity to decide who and what to take, and will then find out if their team was able to successfully homestead our new planet. Sarah Gillard - Astrophysics (FS-D)

Tribbles for Pets Love Tribbles? Have a cat or dog? Why not share your love of tribbles with your pet by creating a tribble with catnip inside or a squeaky tribble for your dog? Panel would supply materials for guests to create either a catnip filled tribble for a cat or a squeaky toy filled tribble for a dog. Deborah Harland - Observation Lounge (Golden Preconvene)


Light Saber Battles The culimnation of Sunday's Light Saber Training, come watch the finalists battle each other for the glory of the Force.Indiana Light Saber Academy - Main Bridge (GB1-5)2017-11-2614:1545